FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW | Camile Charrière

I can't even define for how many years Camile Charrièrre is a style icon to me. In 2010 she left a law career to pursue a career as a fashion... Blogger? Writer? Icon? Well, she became a Person of Interest in the street style / fashion scene very quickly: i've always loved to read her posts and, nowadays, can't live without her (and Monica Ainley's) podcast, Fashion No Filter.


Did i bought a Zara dupe of these Céline wedge shoes? Did i resuscitate my forgotten Adidas Superstar and wore them with my camel coat? Oh yes, yes i did.


The years gone by and we left our daily check up at fashion blogs to an every hour check at Instagram, where the algorythim lead to a feed whith mostly "the same people" everyday. I lost touch with some style icons (and didn't even noticed), and - yes - Camile was one of those icons.

Recently her posts came back to my feed and i can only hope they don't leave anytime soon (because #style, but also she got engaged so we are dying to see the dress and the ceremony) .


Well, let's check the latest (and so cool) Camile's looks. And, obviously, take notes!