RENTRÉE | How are we doing rentrée this year

It's been a fun Summer for us, but it's time to get back to the routine. It's like the September Issue taught us - September is the January of Fashion. 

We already launched the perfect collection for you to live this amazing phase of the year (check it here), and now we are listing our plans to take all the amazing CAMPOS' clothes on!



We choose the capital of italian fashion, Milan, to spend a few days getting inspired by architecture, art, great window shopping and... Real shopping.

We won't forget MARCEAU Blazer!



Yes, that Fall Cliché is a cliché because no one can resist a classy brunch with a great view. Here, in Lisbon, there's very hard to choose, since there are so many good ones. 

No matter which one we choose, for sure we'll be bringing ROSARIO Chemise Dress



After the first few days of work after the holidays, what better way to end the week than on a date night? Pick an intimate place to have an amazing meal.

We are picking Confraria, at Lisbon. And we sure will be wearing RHODES Dress



That perfect plan after work: change your shoes, re-do your makeup and meet your girls at a rooftop for the last summer sunsets with a margarita on your hands.

Pick AUDREY Shirt for a perfect day-to-night look. 



It's always a good idea do learn something new: it will work on your creativity and your concentration. And what better skill to learn just before the months that you spend more time at home than flower arrangements? 

We will be wearing GABRIELLE Shirt & CAMPOS Scarf.