LET'S TALK | Why is so important to support local business?



We are living hard times. But we prefer, even thro we're facing many challenges, to tell you something very beautiful that's going on between emerging/local portuguese brands.


A true (and very real) support chain it's happenning all over Instagram: the owners of many portuguese brands decided to... Share each others!


The idea is to creat awareness to the importance of supporting local business - always, but specialy in the next months, where is expected a recession. It's expected a very slow economy, and small/local business may be facing many difficulties (and, withou support, it generates a "snow ball effect"). And you can, in many ways, give your help.




Beautiful Le Mot's post about us. 



This is how we see it: if you like a brand (because of its concept, the quality, the comunication, the clothes, everything, ... ) you can do more than buy from that brand. 


You can follow their work on social media, you can share it with your friends, you can engage with posts (give a like and leave a coment): these are all "modern" forms of support and really mean something for those behind the brands.


Also, check out our Instagram Highlight called "This is us" to check some cool portuguese/spanish brands: we're are going to be adding them thro the next weeks.



Let's do it together?