STYLE | The importance of Power Classics

CAMPOS' moto is clear on what we think: Elevated Utility, Infinite Wearability



Yes, in fact, we believe in the power of great clothing pieces: great quality allied to a design that elevates that piece to something that becames a real part of your style, more than "another piece at your closet".


And, right now, these type of clothes are more relevant than ever: they are a great investment not only in the Style perspective, but also on the financial one - these are the pieces you'll be wearing the most and, consequently, the ones that will have the lower Cost Per Wear (this is how you really should evaluate the value of your garments).



Image via Instagram @anitadacosta


We believe in pieces like the white shirt, the white tee, a great pair of denim trousers and black ones, a black blazer and a denim coat and accessories that fit your style (daily and festive bag, a pair of sneakers and great shoes). But, also, don't underestimate what other types of pieces can do for your style.

Like some color tee's, an exeburant pair of shoes or a piece in animal print. These are also a type of Power Basics that can totally upgrade your look and have an amazing Cost Per Wear.


On our next "STYLE" article we'll be talking about how you can discover YOUR power basics. Stay tuned!