IT LIST | The white shirt in #5 looks

We could give you a thousand reasons to invest in the White Shirt (and we'll get there), but today we are going to let this #5 images speak for us. But, don't worry - we analise it all.




The Classic Look: pair it with classic black trousers (meaning: a pair of black trousers in a cut that fits you perfectly).




The Casual Look: a good friend is like a good pair of jeans, you hold on to them! And, yes, this is our favorite combo with the white shirt.




The Trendy Look: in an athleisure state of mind, we have no doubts that the coolest choice is a pair of track pants. Are you in?




The Classic Summer Look: as we wish for warm (and safer) days, we also imagine this look with our GABRIELLE shirt.




The 90's Perfect Look: yes, we sure need a pair of cacqui Capri pants, a messy bun and killer sunglasses. 



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