BEAUTÉ | The tricks a former "Beauty Editor" can give you


Yes, i had a short (but intense) experience as "Online Beauty Editor" with great experiences and lots of learnings.

Add that to years as Editor in Chief of a great online project about style, beauty and lifestyle and even more years of blogging about it and, yes, i think i have something to tell you about beauty. 

Nowadays, i believe in the power of good practices and in the simplicity: fewer but great products. Let's recap:


1. Eat well, sleep better

This year i decided to really change my eathing habits. And, even before i notice that on my (at that time, terrible) body shape, my skin got -like- amazingly better. No product could done that for me: writte that down.

And, yes, practicing sport and sleeping well helped all the process.


2. Hidrate on all fronts

Drink water, tea and stop thinking that having oily skin doesn't mean you don't need to hidrate it (please do).


3. Surround yourself by the best products

You don't need all types of products, adopt simplicity. And, most important, learn how to use them.


4. Have fun trying new things

Entering in the makeup departement, i also don't buy a lot of products, but i sure love to try some new tricks and change the type of makeup i wear. Right now i'm in a mood for glitter shadows (and, yes, that includes pink ones).


5. Follow all the steps above

Please, commit to your skincare/makeup routine. You feel better in lots of ways.