Chapter Eight, The Perfect Gift


It's officially Holiday Season at CAMPOS and we just launched a new (and amazing) service: THE MONOGRAM.

We believe in personal style above trends. And, what better way to make an item truly yours than by adding a beautiful and discrete monogram to your CAMPOS' Shirt cuff? Perfect for you, perfect to offer someone you really care about.


Until December 10, you'll be able to ask for a monogram cuff when ordering one of our classic shirts: AUDREY or GABRIELLE (in all three colors), just follow the steps:

1. Add to Cart your favorite CAMPOS Shirt.

2. Go to THE MONOGRAM page and fill in with your preferences. Read all the product description. Then, Add to Card.

3. I you are ordering a gift, please also leave that on the note, so we can wrap it up.

Ready? Have a nice holiday season, with very special gifts and even better moments.