What to Wear this Week? | White Shirt Special Edition

It's a new week and, even working almost all the time from home, we are decided to have the most stylish week possible. We've just restock our classic shirts and launched in 2 new sizes - both GABRIELLE and AUDREY shirts are now available in XS, S, M and L, and we are totally inspired to wear them both THE-MOST.


We picked #5 photos that inspire us for this week:

AUDREY Shirt & Stirrup Leggings

Yes, we are fans of stirrup leegings for Fall season: we love to combine them with kitten heel shoes.  



GABRIELL Shirt & straigth denim

Looking for a classic combo? Go for this one. Accessorize with your favorite shoes.



AUDREY Shirt & loose denim

We have a crush on loose x loose combinations. In this case, the volume of AUDREY's ruffle with some denim to your choice.



GABRIELL Shirt & double denim

The GABRIELLE Shirt is the perfect piece to have for a denim on denim combination.



 GABRIELL Shirt & leather culottes

Perfect combo for Fall: we love leather culottes combined with GABRIELLE Shirt and a feminine pair of shoes.