IT LOOKS | 10 Outfits to Work from Home in S T Y L E

New week, new styling ideas. If you, like us, are working from home, you're probably lacking ideas (and, even, motivation) to invest on your image. But let us inspire you to get up with a smile, do your beauty routine and dress in a (very!) nice way.


We went to Pinterest and picked 10 perfect outfits for this week.



Comfort & Style get a practical meaning with knit sweater and satin skirt.




Since we're at home, might as well rescue our favorite sweater - but accessorize it well.




These weeks are the perfect context to try on the styling tricks we've always wanted. I'll start with denim on denim, how about you?




The "Parisienne Summer Look" is ALWAYS an inspiration. Don't forget to pick the perfect white shirt.




Speaking on the Parisienne look, don't skip on stripe tee (or knit).




The simplest trick: WEAR SOMETHING PINK. Don't ask why, but to me, it sure makes me feel happy.




Rescue your favorite silk scarf. Or any other accessorie, like a headband.




And don't forget - any outfit should be worn with the right shoes. Yes, even at home.




In the Accessories Department, am i the only one who's feeling that large belts are making T H E comeback of the season?




Nothing like a skirt to welcome Spring days (even if it's done from a balcony).