CAPSULE CLOSET | Why you don't have "nothing to wear"

Yes, it happens to all of us: in a rush morning you simply can't figure out what to wear. You probably gonna try out 7 different outfits and then... Wear the same thing you wear everyday. Once in a while it's normal but if this is a frequent scenario, you probably are "doing it wrong".


What is "it"? We believe is one (or many) of the following reasons:



Your closet is unorganized | Yes, it's such a cliché. But it's true. You have enough thinks t o think everyday and it's impossible to figure all you daily outfits without seeing all your pieces.


You have too many clothes | Yes, you may have too many things on your closet (we all do, i guess) and, hence, too many information to process. It's too distracting and... You simply don't need it.


You don't invest on your basics | First step: what are your basics? You have to figure it out (we promisse an article on that soon) the type of pieces that are your "to-go" and invest on them.


You are not doing the right shopping | Yes, you're probably buying pieces you actually like but... You don't wear. You find them all beautiful but you don't take the functionality in mind when you shop. Also, you should take your daily routine in mind - is that piece something you'll wear on your work/social routine?