#3 Types of Stay Home Outfits - What's Yours?

Staying home at this time is my daily routine: i've been working mostly from home since March (doing office time just to pack and send all your CAMPOS' orders) so, i find myself a true specialist when the theme is Staying Home Style.


I've been for all types of moods - and, yes, i've been in my pyjamas for more than three days straight, but i also been in the mood to dress up like i'm going to a fashion week after party. Well, 10 months later, i believe i came up with 3 good moods and 3 rules to follow EVERYDAY:


#1 Always take off your sleeping clothes. ALWAYS!

#2 Never give up on your beauty routine: always wash up your face, hydrate your skin and body and take time to a home spa once in a while.

#3 Try to eat clean... Most of the times, at least. Soup and veggies (you can learn new recipes) are key to make your body work (better).



About style, we gathered our iconic white shirts and came up #3 mood sets to stay home in style, whatever your mood is - click on each image for more inspiration to wear our shirts.