Chapter Three, The Book


Jacqueline Susann is my favorite novelist. Despite having written just a few books, her work was iconic and very successful at the time (60's and early 70's). I read Dolores way before my style admiration for Jacqueline Kennedy, and simply loved it. 

It's not a biography, and please don't let it influence your opinion about the reality. It's a novel, a very good one, about "the other side" of fame and jet set.


The beautiful and fashionable Dolores Cortez Ryan is widowed when her husband, U.S. President James Ryan, is gunned down in New Orleans. After a year in seclusion, Dolores takes tentative steps back into the world, by having affairs first with a screenwriter, and then with Barry Haines, an attorney who likes rich women, but doesn't consider Dolores--with just $30,000 a year--quite rich enough.
Finally, Dolores agrees to marry a fabulously wealthy shipping tycoon, who leaves her on their wedding night to go to his mistress.


Some vintage versions available in Amazon or second hand websites / bookshops.