White & Pink? Here's 3 Ideas to combo your GABRIELLE SHIRT with Pink Accessories

Here at Portugal we are in lockdown. We are now shipping only once a week (from our office) and staying home managing all other issues from CAMPOS, planning our next campaign (and new styles, of course!) and, above all, hoping for better days.

And, since we are staying home (again), we sure are committed to make it didactic, a bit fun and absolutely stylish!


To start, we styled GABRIELLE Shirt with 3 Pink Accessories: kitten heel mules, our ZOÉ Scarf and our LADY DAY Bag. What's your favorite?


 The good side of a white shirt is that is the perfect beginning for a colourful (but elegant) outfit. And, yes, i wear this kind of shoes at home (properly cleaned, of course).  


This is the perfect outfit to Work From Home: white shirt, jeans and a cool (and made with recycled fabric) scarf that gives personality to the outfit but also helps on not letting the hair disturb our work moments.



When i really need to go out (office or supermarket day), here's the mood - totally black & white with the perfect pop of color for this spring: LADY DAY Bag. I love, love, LOVE this bag!