TREND ALERT | The 70's are back - and we need to bring back a certain piece...


I don't know if you already watched The Serpent (Netflix) but i seriously recommend you to do it asap! 

The show tells a story in the 70's and... Well, Monique, the villan, became a serious style obsession. Makes me want to enjoy a bit of the 70's mood this Summer (starting on... spring days, of course). 



Monique wears a lot of scarves, high waisted trousers and long dresses (PORTO CERVO Dress is a great way to do it in a minimalistic way).

I am bringing out the CAMPOS Scarf - and, of course, the ZOÉ Scarf, full of colours. Wearing them non stop, not only in my hair.


But, wait: there's more!



... Monique made me decide to bring back our classic Summer Tunic, VALE DO LOBO:



There's no piece like this one to represent the 70's mood during all Summer beach / pool days. Do you agree?