NEW IN | Meet our #3 new pieces

It's finally time to show you the new CAMPOS' pieces. Every piece from this drop is very special to us for very different reasons - but they all have one in common: they are meant to be worn, they are meant for you to express your style, your personality, with them. And they are made to last! 





Since we launched the GABRIELLE Shirt we were planning the blue version. Because, for a woman who loves classic pieces, the blue shirt is just an essencial as the white one.




This scarf was also a long (long!) time plan: since day one, the scarf was always the accessory we wanted to launch. Our first idea (and test) was in silk, but the result was not the expected. We were starting to try on a different type of silk when we found this amazing material: satin made of recycled polyester. Two milestones in one piece: the accessory we've always dreamed on doing and our first (of many, we hope) piece made of recycled material.

This first pattern is so special to us that we could only name it CAMPOS.




This piece was created during lockdown, when all we could think were practical and confortable pieces but, also, we were striving for beauty and elegance to escape the "dark days". The result? A Wrap Midi Skirt that ties with a bow (if you want to) made of sheer cotton popeline.

It's practical and very easy to combine with all types of top pieces, but it can be dramatic, elegant and feminine.

The name? Since this was the only piece we created during lockdown (all the others were created before or after), all we could think was... going out and walk the streets of our favorite city, LISBOA.


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