It's finally here: the piece we're dreaming of since not even that hot Summer days gained life and it's even more than we imagined.


It began as simple wrap coat (we are very into wrap - it's practical and allow us to adjust the clothes to our body), evolved to a belted blazer and, then, the light: the real kimono.

7-year-old me is proud: finally materialized the comfort and style from the karate classes (and, before you ask, i really do think karategi (the official name for the karate kimono) is very stylish.


Well, here it is: the CHAMARTIN Coat. Perfect for an urban/casual look - the combo with denim is unbelievably cool. 

Made of wool blend (80%), we found this fabric in Dead Stock of a really really good label and it's simply perfect: lightweight but warm. The perfect mid-season coat? Oh, we'll let you be the one to give us that answer. 


Want an extra styling tip? Put a classic belt on it. Just try it and you'll understand what i'm saying.