It's our two year anniversary. And this is what we prepared for you.

I can't believe it's been two years since this picture was taken... WHAT? Fortunately so much has happened. But one thing stayed the same: ROSARIO Chemise Dress.



This amazing piece was the "it" of our first collection. And it's very special to me - it was the first shirt we created (and, i don't know if you ever noticed, i kinda have a thing with shirts). We decided that it had to be with CAMPOS throughout all it's life: and this is how our permanent collection was born.


Next year: i decided to create a sleeveless black dress. All my friends told me: don't do this, it's not all that. I followed my gut and made it happen: PORTO CERVO Dress was born (this dress prototype was finished via multiple FaceTime calls between a few people... I'm sad for not having done a print screen of these hilarious moments). 



It was a leap of faith but - DAMN - i was NOT!!! expecting the huge success of this dress. It's one of the top three Best Sellers of these two years (in three months). It was madness. Made 2020 a hell of a year for CAMPOS.



So... What better way to celebrate our two year anniversary than remaking these two "iconic" (by CAMPOS' scale) pieces?


Meet CABOS Dress, a shorter version of PORTO CERVO Dress, and ROSARIO BLACK Chemise Dress - the ROSARIO Chemise Dress in black (kinda funny story: we actually weren't planning this piece, we made one unit to offer Drizinha, a huge friend of CAMPOS' and we received it on the day before the shoot... Well, it was love at first side and we made it one of our classics).