#ItLooks 10 Iconic White Shirt Looks

I admit: i'm fascinated by the white shirt since... Well, since i love to dress myself. The oldest piece of clothing i own is a white shirt. Two, actually. When i was discovering my own style, I alternated a lot between the feminine and the masculine aesthetic - and, in all of my teenager / young adult / adult moods, always, ALWAYS, had white shirts by my side. I had a blog for ten years, i have a public Instagram account since 2014. 80% of times i do a throwback, i'm wearing a white shirt.

Indeed, when i created CAMPOS White Shirt, GABRIELLE, i didn't need a skectch, images, inspiration. I knew exactly what i wanted to create. It was so easy (i wish more CAMPOS' pieces could be that easy to create, actually). 


Well, all this story time to introduce this post: in all these years, i've always been attracted to "white shirt looks". And, a few days ago, i selected a LOT of iconic white shirt looks at CAMPOS' Pinterest profile. And short-listed #10 to this post. Ready to get ABSOLUTELY inspired? Scroll down: