IT LIST | #3 pieces to combine to your CAMPOS' white shirt

Yes, combining the White Shirt is more than accessorize the outfit - the other pieces of clothes in the outfit are really important too, of course.


So, with that in mind, we take the opportunity to share 3 emerging brands we love - and that are perfect to combine with your CAMPOS's white shirt




L'Amour, Toujours, Le Mot

 Le Mot is one of my favorite portuguese brands and this skirt was love at first sight. And i have to say: it goes PERFECTLY with Gabrielle shirt





Zoe & Saint in Bown Leopard, Conscious Swimwear

 This amazing pieces of beachwear are made from waste of the oceans - we love the prints (made by a portuguese artist, Violeta Cor de Rosa) and the "basic" models that Conscious Swimwear brought to the spotlight (we were very ansious from some basic swimwear models). The brand has no collections, - we love that also. 



Blazer Nora


Nora blazer, Oh, Monday

 Recently launched Oh, Monday is about conscient quality and pieces made t bring confidence and joy to everywomans closet.We felt imediatly in love by this blazer.


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