SARTORIALIST | Meet our new campaign through the eyes of Alexandra

Hi, my name is Alexandra Neto and i'm the "head" of CAMPOS. Let me tell you a few things about our last months...

Welcome to 2020, where so many things lost all meaning and some others gain twice as much. More than ever, we all should value good clothes, with classic design but also pratical, so you can wear it in a fancy dinner or just going out to the supermarket. At least, i do - and i have the feeling that CAMPOS' clients will feel the same.

With all these things in mind, we created SARTORIALIST. This campaign went straight to the source: the nature and our "escape home", both in Alentejo (Portugal).

 In a year full of bad news and terrible losses, i'm so glad to writte an article only with good news: all the positive things that this campaign represents for CAMPOS. 




# Our First Accessory

The launch of CAMPOS Scarf was planned for May but we all know what happened that delayed most of our plans. It was actually perfect, because the CAMPOS' pattern is perfect to welcome Fall season.


# Our First Piece Made of Recycled Material

The other bright side in postboning the launch of CAMPOS' Scarf was that, in between, we met the perfect fabric to materialize our dream: satin made of recycled polyester. We can only hope this is the first of many steps on working with recycled material.


# Our First Bottom

We've always had some apprehension in lauching bottoms but Lockdown period made us think a lot in our pieces and, after many research, a lot of ideas and sketches, we created LISBOA Skirt. The idea was so well defined that it took us less than nothing to creat the mold and prototype for it!


# Some Consolidation of Our Path

The launch of so many news is actually very important because it materializes some of our plans since we launched CAMPOS', just 17 months ago. Working on our permanent collection and some Special Pieces instead of Collections is (now) our path. 

That's why, when we were creating our campaign we could only think about style (the thing that remains) and the word just came out of our mouths: SARTORIAL. Yes, we followed Scott's work since the beggining. And, yes, we know this therm is most commonly associated with Men Style but... We also love man's clothes, so was actually perfect!


# All our pieces in one campaign

Since our idea is for you to wear (a lot) all your CAMPOS' pieces, we are very happy to have a campaign that includes all our current pieces, even the ones out of stock. Because it's important for us to keep you inspired (and, on this chapter, more news coming soon).


# Our Favorite Escape 

The scenario could only be one: ALENTEJO, in portuguese coast with my favorite team: MLP and Márcia Soares, our amazing photographer (check her work here) - and click here to see our SARTORIAL CAMPAIGN.