#7 Paris Fashion Week Street Style Looks that Prove the Versatility of the White Shirt

Not even 2020 stopped the best of Fashion: Milan and Paris had two amazing Fashion Weeks and, besides amazing (and originals) runway shows, the street style was all we needed to get new ideas to wear our classic White Shirt.

We picked #7 looks from the Paris Fashion Week street style to inspire you. Follow the article:


Minimalist French Style: when all you need is a leather jacket, midi boots and a classic Kelly - done & done!



 Fashion is art: add a printed scarf and a leather belt and you're IN!



 Trendy look: inspire yourself in the latest trends and mix it all up - the white shirt is the perfect "white canvas" for you to create and adapt to your style.



You're simply... the coolest in town: it's like, you can make a great outfit only with simple, very well made, clothes.



 A classic is a classic... And preppy style sure is one! So, grab your two piece knit suit and let's do it.



 Please: suit up. Elevate your matching blazer & trousers with a masculine white shirt and western boots. 



All white: talking about western, it's a great style to approach in an all white outfit, just pick an accessory or a small detail inspired by western style.